Product Updates - February 23, 2018

We're back with another Knack product update!

New Features

Security Features

We’re excited to announce new Security Features for customers on the Pro plan and above! You’re now able to implement advanced security options for your Live App users, right out of the box with the tools Knack offers.

These new features include password requirements, locking out users after too many failed login attempts, expiring passwords after 60 days, and more!

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Refer a Friend Program

We are excited to announce our new Refer-a-Friend program!

You can now share Knack with friends and colleagues. Your referrals get a free month and you will receive a Knack credit for the same amount!

You can find your unique URL in the menu in the top right corner of the Dashboard or in the Builder of any app.

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Import improvements

Values in .csv files for to:many connection values split on newlines can now be imported.

Serving new code versions

Functionality is now in place so that a regular browser refresh will obtain our latest code version. This will make it much easier for users to make sure they have the latest Live App version. A full cache clear is no longer needed to ensure the most up-to-date code version.


As apps continue to grow and add complexity, we’ve found that our servers are hitting their limits more quickly than anticipated, which can lead to app slowness. We’ve improved our logging so we can react to these limits and add capacity much more responsively.


  • Several date/time fixes
    • Date/Time fields with a “None” default value setting are now properly created with a blank value
    • Display Rules targeting times between 12:00 and 12:59 now correctly apply to Live App values
    • Date/Time fields set to “Ignore Date” correctly run “is before / is after” in rules
  • Spinner displays for inline table edits
  • Editing a repeating calendar event and updating future events only, events between the first event and the event being updated now display
  • Print/Export functionality on Pie, Line and Bar charts has been restored
  • Delete & Settings icons can now be used in Pages Preview mode
  • Map pin now displays on first load for mobile devices with Safari