Product Updates - January 9, 2018

We’re starting the new year off with some product updates! As we move forward into 2018 we want to renew our commitment to transparency with regular posts here on new features, fixes, and updates. We will start by summarizing the last few weeks and hope to increase our frequency going forward.

New Features

E-Commerce Upgrades

We recently released upgrades to our e-commerce features. You can now save user payment methods in your live app. We have also introduced two new views, a payments view and a payment method view.

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HIPAA Compliant Plans

We now offer a HIPAA plan. You can store protected health information in your Knack apps and still be compliant with all HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA can be complicated, so click below to learn more about compliance, pricing, and how to start building HIPAA compliant apps.

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We made some underlying upgrades to how we deliver the Knack code to your web browser. This has led to a much shorter response time the first time you load in your app or builder.

Import Improvements

We have added updates to the importing process by adding improved field prediction for the following fields.

  • Images: If you import an <img> tag or URL ending in a supported image format, we'll predict this as a new Image field. We'll download the image and then upload it to your account’s storage.
  • Rich Text: If you import any columns with valid HTML, we'll predict this as a new Rich Text field.
  • Phone Numbers: If you import values in any of our various supported phone formats, we'll predict the column as a new Phone field.
  • Links: If you import any valid URL formats, we'll predict the column as a new Link field.


  • Fix for an issue with hiding timer fields that were not closing properly after being opened.
  • Fix for conditional rules with "is before" not correctly using the app’s timezone values for date/time equation fields.
  • Fix for issues with opening modal popups in embedded apps, which caused the modal to appear at the bottom of the page.
  • Fix for an issue with the chat icon not consistently appearing in the Builder for Internet Explorer and Edge customers.
  • Fix for an issue which prevented multiple choice options in quotes from working properly in rules.

Service Disruptions

In the past few weeks, we experienced service disruptions which may have prevented some customers from accessing their Builders and Live Apps.

The issues were related to a specific file not being successfully added to the CDN and an SSL certificate on a newer server which was not in our update plan and prevented node from starting successfully.  

We have since added improvements to our processes to prevent these issues in the future. These improvements include adding more logging to our deployment process, a confirmation check at the end of deployments to prevent upload failures and general improvements on the process for how things are added to the SSL update plan. Thanks again for everyone's patience here.


We are in the final stages of testing for our improved Security Features. We plan to officially release these in the coming weeks!

Now that we have released the latest round of e-commerce updates mentioned above, our next focus for e-commerce is working on subscriptions.  

Lastly, the Beta Theme is still in beta, but getting closer to an official release.

We’re also making major progress on a new builder design that will allow more inline previews and more design customization for pages and views, including adding multiple views on the same row. Much more on this soon.

"including adding multiple views on the same row. Much more on this soon."

This means to add multi-column rows on pages for tables, reports, etc..? Danielle when?? (: