Product Updates - March 20, 2018

New Features

Date Formatter Function

Our new date formatter function allows you to display date fields any way you want! Date/Time fields only have three different format choices: mm/dd/yyyy; M D, yyy; and dd/mm/yyyy, but this new feature greatly expands your options for displaying those values.

Simply add a text formula field and use the following function: formatDate(Date, Output format). This will suggest several common formats, but you can also customize them:

Knack Status Page

At Knack we’re always striving for transparency. With this value in mind, we now offer a public status page and @knackstatus on Twitter. We’ll be using these to document various issues we’re investigating; each incident report will include a type, description, and opening/resolution times. See our full announcement!

App Settings Info tab

A new “Info” tab has been add to your App Settings page. This page provides a quick snapshot of your data location, HIPAA compliance and current record and storage count, aiding in compliance requirements for HIPAA and GDPR.

If you need your data migrated over to the EU, follow the ‘request EU migration’ link and submit the form on the next page.

To inquire about HIPAA compliance, follow the ‘become compliant’ link to learn more.


Reset on Search Views & Keyword Searches

A “reset” button is now available on all Search views and on keyword searches in Table, List, Map and Report child table views. Easily reset your current search and start again.

Bottom of View Pagination Control

Pagination controls (“record count per page” and “page X of Y”) can now be displayed at the bottoms of Table, List, and Search views. Under the Options section of each of these views, check “Show pagination controls at bottom of view” and your users will now be able to use these pagination controls at the bottom of these views, as well as the top.

View Display of Multiple Connections to Same Object

Live App views that display multiple connections to the same object now display each of their individual connection values.

Live App view:

Builder view:

Builder Reorder User Roles

It’s now possible to to reorder User Role objects in the Builder Data view by dragging and dropping them.


  • Fixed an issue where certain pivot tables weren’t correctly summing average values in columns
  • Fixed an issue where logging out of the Live App would log you out of the Builder as well
  • Fixed an issue where embed codes did not correctly copy with app copies
  • Fixed an E-Commerce issue where Payment Views set up to use the “logged-in user” payment method wasn’t correctly being saved on the view
  • Fixed a connection picker issue where selections were being overwritten when more than 500 options needed to be loaded.
  • Fixed an issue where “Time only” or “Date only” Date/Time field values being inserted through integrations (eg. Zapier) or the API would enter blank values
  • Fixed an issue where connection pickers filtered to show only record options connected to a selection in another connection picker was showing unfiltered options
  • Fixed an issue where view value links linking to pages with views containing pre-set filters were having their URLs built incorrectly
  • Raw values from exported timer fields can now be re-imported.