Product Updates - November 16, 2018


New templates!

We added a whole host of new template apps you can download and play with:

Address Autocomplete

Earlier this year we released a new feature called “Address Autocomplete”. This uses data from Google Maps, who recently made a platform and pricing update to their services. Unfortunately, this shift has affected Knack's use of Google Maps, which includes Address Autocomplete.

In order to help keep Knack affordable, we have made the following updates to our Address Autocomplete feature on Thursday, Nov. 15th at 4pm Eastern.

  • Starter customers will no longer have access to this feature.
  • For Customers on the Pro plan and above, this feature will no longer be enabled by default. It will need to be re-enabled on any existing address fields.

We certainly understand this may be an impact for some of you that use this feature. If you would like assistance identifying the address fields in your app, send us a note at and we are happy to help.


  • Date/Time
    • dd/mm format dates are now correctly handled in text formulas.
    • dd/mm-format equation results now work in the Text Formula `formatDate()` function.
    • Fixed an issue where Date/Time fields were being used as the first value in a rule were not saving.
  • Date/Time field with calendar options enabled
    • Conditional rules using Date/Time fields with calendar options now properly save.
    • Adding repeat options to existing records via the Builder records table now save properly.
  • Page Rules
    • Page Rules based on fields on an individual User Role object now trigger correctly.
    • Duplicate options shown for User Role object fields when creating Page Rules are now hidden.
  • Yes/No fields now correctly respect default settings changed during field creation.
  • File fields in tasks can now be edited.
  • Pivot Table reports grouped by date will no longer show occasional empty groups not derived from the data.
  • Downloaded iCal files no longer incorrectly offset dates by 1 hour before/after Daylight Savings Time.
  • Fixed a potential conflict between Add forms and Table views with inline editing enabled that had been recently edited.
  • Connection fields with filters and >500 records now properly show their display fields instead of their record IDs.
  • Truncated text on Paragraph Text fields on table views will now expand properly.
  • Safari and Firefox now more properly handle using, saving, and editing saved payment methods in E-commerce views.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause map views to fail to load on complex pages
  • Imports and rules now properly prevent the creation of duplicate user records
  • Provided an interim solution on an issue where Zaps set up with objects that had large connected record counts were timing out (caused issues in fetching samples on Zap setup and triggering actions)
  • CSS updates(tweaks)
    • Table display rule icons no longer display above table view headers after scrolling.
    • Page Menu items with URLs containing similar names are now properly differentiated by the `.is-active` class


We know we’ve been a bit quiet lately with product updates, but please know that we are hard at work on some major projects – including an improved infrastructure, a new Builder, and Live App customization options.

Completing these projects will enable us to rapidly iterate on feature development in a sustainable way. We think reaching this state is really important, so the majority of our focus is on completing this work.

We’ve decided to suspend the roadmap in the meantime until we can provide more accurate updates and timelines on these features. This doesn’t mean that we’ve abandoned these features – they are still very much in our roadmap and will be re-prioritized in the near future.

We do have a new roadmap page where we’ll continue to provide updates.