Product Updates - March 13

This is the first post in what we hope will be a weekly update on changes we push to the Knack product.

Our goal is to provide more insight and transparency into what we're accomplishing, as well as give more details on some of the smaller changes that may not make it to our blog or Twitter account.

Since this is the first post we'll summarize the last few weeks, but we'll likely get more granular as we go. Some weeks may get more detailed posts while others may only have a few updates.

Features & Upgrades

Dropdown pages
You can now create and add pages to dropdown link menus for use in the renderer page menu. More here on our blog.

trim() functions
Helper functions trimLeft(), trimRight(), and trim() can now be used to remove whitespace from variables in text formulas.

Fixes & Improvements

Batch performance
We’re now pushing indexing tasks at the end of batches (like imports, tasks, updates, and deletes) to improve performance and ensure that they are only run once.

Imports no longer allow new values to be added to account status fields. Instead, these imports now stop and report errors to the job alerts menu.

Imports will now pre-fail more informatively on CSVs with certain bad data formatting characteristics, such as misplaced commas and quotes.


We now set a client cookie so you can toggle back and forth between data and pages without losing the object or page you were working with.

Clicking the view icon in the upper right will now view the start page you are currently viewing. Faster than finding it in the dropdown.

Escape key now closes modals and overlays in the builder.


We've moved User Pages into testing mode and started some early testing on our new Knack theme, with some great early feedback. We've also made some major strides on wrapping up our Ecom customers development.

Thanks Brandon and team - really appreciate Knack and the continual updates happening.