Zapier trigger: Updated Field in Record (not just Updated Record)

I want to be able to trigger a zap when there is a change to only a specific field in a record. You can add a filter for if that field is blank or has a certain value but that is is. If you use the ‘is blank’ filter then the zap will run as intended but will then run on every other change in the record’s future.

The only way around this is that I have found is to to add another field that is say ‘Allow Zap Trigger for Field XXX’ with a default of ‘No’.
Then you have a record rule so that when Field XXX is updated it changes the ‘Allow Zap Trigger for Field XXX’ to ‘Yes’. The Zap is set to run only when ‘Allow Zap Trigger for Field XXX’ = Yes, and then at the end of the zap it returns the value to ‘No’ so it doesn’t trigger again.
It works but is crude and clunky, and uses extra tasks.

Many other platforms have a trigger that specifies the specific field to be updated - please can you add this trigger!!

This would be of benefit to any user who uses Zapier with Knack.


Would also love this feature.


You can trigger a Zap (or better an Integromat Scenario) with an email which can be sent when specific fields change.


Thanks Julian! A simple enough workaround. It’s worth mentioning, that in my scenario, the field value that is updated to trigger an email to be sent is located on several different pages. I had to create the email to be sent in each different location throughout the knack application. Thanks again!