Trigger Zapier from field value

I just converted to knack and I'm liking it. However, I need some basic database functionality: filtered views that trigger Zapier.


I import a pile of data from another database. When a specific value is true, I need to send an email to the customer.

In airtable, this was as simple as building a filtered view and zap triggering off a "new record".

Knack allows you to create a filtered view inside a form, but Knack data abjects only are visible in Zapier.


  1. Add true filtered views. These look similar to data objects and use the same underlying data. Show them in Zapier.

  2. Show tables/lists/etc in zapier

Agree - there's some weirdness because the database and ui levels are mixed in a strange way.

Solution 3

Knack works differently than Airtable in conjunction with Zapier. Another fix that looks simpler from the outside:

trigger changed records from a table (right now, restricted to app form). 



The common thing I see here is Knack would be better placed to do things at the database level not the UI level, so rules, conditions, triggers, e.t.c. all at the database covers inline editing which is on here, this post for importing and triggering, API triggering, e.t.c.