Triggering the API with imports or API posts

I'm using Knack as my backend/ headless CMS and I use Zapier to push new and updated records to the Webflow CMS which I'm using as a Frontend.

I have a large database already (in spreadsheet/CSV format) to start with and I have another external service that I want to use to add/update records in Knack. The problem is that imports or any other API-related things don't seem to be able to trigger any Zapier actions: those only seem to be triggered by (manual) actions done in the live Knack app.

So the question is: how do I get Knack to trigger Zapier on imports and API changes to the Knack database?

The knack triggers in Zapier are executed in live app,

If you want to use triggers when a record is created with an import or API Changes, I recommend that you use Integromat and the scenario trigger must be a search for records in a knack object. The new records created by Imports or API changes, must be marked them with a special value, and once the scenario has been executed, delete that value so that you don't re-run the scenario on those records.