Accessing multiple objects on a page or subpage

Trying to setup a simple events option for my member organization.  I have a fixed set of members (static object). I have created an object/pages to create/edit/delete "events".  I'd like to be able to add (register) verified members (included in the membership object) under the different events.  I don't have the skills to use API.  Just wondering if there is a way to reference multiple objects from a page. Subpages seem to only show the already connected records.  For example, I'd like to, but can't seem to figure out how to, lookup members from an events detail page and then click on a menu to register them.  Thanks for any help or hints. 

Hi Sean,

You can use a static object as a connector between any two objects in your database but there is no documentation of this method that I have seen. I made it up but I can only assume that many other users have figured it out as well.

I will often create an object and call it 'constant.' 

Create a connection to it 'One to Many' on the child objects(The objects you wish to connect to eachother) The constant will be the parent or 'One'  in the connection.

Next, set up conditional logic on both of the connection fields on the child objects so that every single record is connected to the constant as a parent automatically upon creation.

Now, when you are on the details page of a particular object record you will have the option to create a table of object records connected to the 'Constant' that your current page's record is connected to ( which is all of them.)


Hope that helps.  Justin