Creating new records out of connection objects

Apologize for the question as I don’t know how to express it.

I want to add a new selection if the item is not available on the dropdown list. It is not ideal to have this create records option on each dropdown.

What I have in mind is to create a separate view form to add a new record on the dropdown list. However, my problem is that it is a connection of 3 different objects. How can I achieve it? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Here are the objects.

I think you have three cascading drop downs which have a hierarchy and connections between the tables and fields to enable you to filter dynamically.
There isn’t an easy front end solution (in my opinion) to allow users to add a new option without ensuring it has the other associated records to allow the cascade to work.
If I was building it would be an admin function

It possibly requires a user with a higher understanding of the relationships for the cascading drop downs to set them up with a new option correctly.

No simple answer to this as you have a fairly complex setup that is dependant on other values in different objects.

Letting end users add options to objects is often fraught with challenges around data integrity.
For example, a user may add: England, Britain, UK or United Kingdom and they are all pretty much the same county but you’ll have four values.

That doesn’t include those users who don’t check to see if an option is already in the list so they add it again, or a slightly different spelling, to get around the “unique” option.

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@CarlHolmes thanks as always. Indeed, it will be an admin function. Your valuable input is always appreciated Carl, cheers!

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@RONALD - I’m glad this was of help. Can you please mark this post as solved if satisfied :+1:

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