Add new record option when selecting a parent record from drop down list

Sure, you can select a parent record from the drop down list... but why is there not an option to add new record? This is a basic feature... you should be able to select in settings which form for which user is displayed when you add the record.

Otherwise if the option I need is not there.. I need to cancel my record, go into the parent table, then create the missing record, and go back to add the record in the child table after. PITA

Dan if I understand you right your entering child records but selecting from a dropdown and if its not there you want to add a new one ?

I have a similar functionality for adding new childs but the basic screen is




You should be able to add a new parent record menu option to that screen OR to include the ADD NEW PARENT screen itself as a modal popup. The only painful task is getting it to resort as the redraws etc don't resort automatically.

On the first screen I display a table of all DEBTORS on the system with an EDIT function and an ACTIONS function as links within the table. If the Debtor doesn't exist there is a Add New Debtor Button at the bottom (linked to a modal popup).

On the 2nd screen the debtor data is displayed with all the corresponding Child records and at the bottom allows for entry of anew child record againt that Debtor (parent)


You should have the below option in the Parent field in the view/page to allow adding records while in the object view:

Custom Options

Allow users to add new options.