Create Cascading Dropdown Menus Based on Previous Selection

Hello Knackers! Brand new to Knack, but finding it pretty amazing so far. I do have a question about the form I’m trying to create. I have multiple tables/objects - Events, Venues, Contacts. When a new Event is created, the user is able to select a Venue from a dropdown list, and then ideally I would like the user to select a promoter company, and then select the particular individual from that filtered list. So for example, user has all of the event information entered (date, artist, venue), selects LiveNation from the contact list, but I now I need another field where they can select the particular individual from the list of employees at LiveNation. Anyone able to point me to a tutorial on how to set this up? Also, when I add a Connection to a form, it seems that it always uses the first field as available options. The first field according to the field keys, that is. Is there any way I can change that, or change the field keys? Right now, my connected field has static information in it, so not very useful.

Hope this is clear. Thanks very much.

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These resources should help.

Checkout my YouTube channel for more tips and tricks.

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Thanks very much Carl! Your videos are very helpful!

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@Travis3 - thanks, I’m glad you find the videos useful :+1: