Creating Cascading Dropdown lists

Hi I created 3 objects (Employees, Companies, Projects) I added a connection one to one between

- Employees and Companies

- Projects and Companies and Employees

I then added a Page or Form for Projects.

Now I have 

- Project Name

- Dropdown with list of companies

- Dropdown with list of employees

I want the dropdown with list of employees to show nothing until I choose a company, and when I choose a company, I want the dropdown for employees to show only employees related to the selected company, not all employees. 

I searched the Knowledge Base, there is an article but it talks about an option called SHOW, and I am supposed to selected the related values, but there is no show option when editing a child field (employees dropdown).

Anyhelp please?

Did you work through this article:

I'm about to embark on a similar project, so I'm hoping these instructions work.

Not very impressed to find you have had no response from anyone in 7-8 weeks.