Dependency Multiple Dropdown

Hi knack enthusiast, I am having a hard time figuring how to do this and hoping someone could me out on this, please? I am trying to have dropdown dependencies out of the attached file. I made multiple objects and have a connection with one-to-many relationships. changed the “show” into connected records of the parent object. I followed what the great David Parrish Youtube did and yet there were some items that are showing and some aren’t.

Here’s the SampleFile.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey Ronald. Are you seeing a pattern as the what exactly is showing up and what isn’t? If you can figure out a list of:

  1. Showing up correctly as expected
  2. Not showing up as expected
  3. Shouldn’t show up but is seen
    You can go back to the object and see where exactly the issue is and try to come up with a solution.

Also, can you let me know what are the parent and child fields in the file you’ve attached and how the connections have been set up?

Hi @Arjun, thanks for taking the time on this. I have updated the attached file with details of the connection. Appreciate your help. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Here is the SampleFile