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Hi everyone, could someone help me out on this, please. Trying to have a multiple dependency dropdown and having trouble figuring out the right way. I have this schema which has one to many relationship on each connection.
Problem: On my job type dropdown, I have items that appear multiple times ie. Financial Statements & Tax Return (Basic) showing 4 times which shouldn’t be the case as it has different dependent. How can I make it appear only once? Thanks in advance.




This should be relatively simple if you have your connections set up right - you can use the “Show” field on the property page for the form field to only show job types linked to the entity - some thing like:

Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 09.24.07

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Hi @JulianKirkness, thanks for taking the time on this. I did it and now, some of the items are not appearing.

Items not appearing

items that appears