How do I pick another field from a connection?

I have 2 Objects: Companies and Countries.

Countries contain 2 fields: Name (text) and Flag (image)

When adding a Company, users need to select the Country name from a dropdown.

When making a Company page, I would like to show the Country Flag instead of it's name.

Is this possible and if so: how?

There is a simple solution to this - in the builder, when building a Table or Detail View, you have the option to pick fields from connected objects:

From this you end up with a view which displays the image:

(Ignore the actual database, it's just one I use to test out stuff!)

Hope this helps!


I've played with this a bit now.. You can access the other field with Country.Flag... I have tried it in a text Formula and an equation field.. However, I'm not sure how it will work for you since it's an image..

I have almost the same question. I've created a drop down connected record with a text Formula in it so I can show the user the description and the value, but I want to pull that value into a field to use in a formula...

The drop down works with the connected record and ends up in the object record, but how do I access the value to use?