Variable "Display Field" when connecting objects

As a Builder, I would like to be able to display a different value from a connected object in different views. Currently I need to use a text formula field to pull in those additional value which adds bloat to my app.

Use case: "Phone numbers object". For one connection to that object, I would like the "Phone Number" field shown as the display field. However, when I connect to the phone numbers object from another connection, it would be much more helpful if I could have the "Number Type" shown as my display field.

Exactly yes. +1 to this feature.

This would be EXTRAORDINARILY useful for our entire company. 


For us, there are so many times when having multiple display fields makes perfect sense. 


For example, when attaching object A to object B through a dropdown list in a form, it may be nice to have a long text formula as a display field so that the searchability of that dropdown is increased. At the same time, however, you may want the display field to only be the name of object A for another occurrence in your application. 


I've run across this problem multiple times. It doesn't seem like it would be a very difficult fix, to be honest. 

This is an older request, but we’ve started to explore this problem! I’d love to hear from anyone who is still following here and experiencing issues related to the current limitation of a single display field for an object.

Please explain who the end users are, and what information you want them to interface with, along with a general overview of the application schema setup.

Appreciate your help providing valuable input that will help us shape a feature that solves this problem.

Let me give you one example…

I have a client with an object which holds Call Signs. Some of these relate to physical business locations (sites/offices) and others are mobile radios (on vehicles etc).

Lots of other objects link to this, from allocating radios to staff to a location field, or as a work location on an employment contract.

Clearly I would like to display the Location Name for the contract screen and the Call Sign for the radio allocation.

I would therefore like to be able to select the display field I want from the connected object when I set the field up on a page - of course setting a default in the Object is also a good idea so you only need to specify if you want something different.

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