Connected field not populated in second object

I would like to build a table based on the records in object 2 but including a column from object 1, so that the data in this column is pulled to object 2 and updates as it is updated by users in object 1.

Both tables for each object use in-line editing and no forms, so I have no Record Rules.

I have changed the Display Field for object 1 to the field that I would like to use in object 2, but this column isn't populated at all when added to the table for object 2.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


The other way you could assign it is in the form so that the user can select the object they wish the record to be connected to but that is a manual process. Hopefully it is working as you need now!

It seems removing the in-line editing option and adding a form with record rules is the best (only?) way to get this to work, thanks for your help!!

I just saw you have in-line editing - perhaps schedule a task?

If the objects are linked, you can try and use a form->records rule or an action->records to set the value of the connected fields. That might work?


So when you submit Form A, it updates the records with Form B and populates some values over to it.


I'm struggling with something similar but hope you manage to figure it out!

Thank you Mark! That works. I'm wondering whether there is a way to automatically fill this column, rather than assigning a value for each record individually?

Now that you have connected them, look in the actual records for the object. You will see a table with the columns of the field and you need to assign the values of each connection so it appears in the view.

I think that's it - good luck!