Can we update/add a text field from one connected table to another?

So table 1 has columns ID and Name
Table 2 also has columns named ID_2 and Name_2

I tried using the record rule in the form to get values of name_2(table 2) into Name (Table 1). The value text doesnt display but the ID’s are getting added/displayed.

When using connections between objects you may access the fields from the Parent object and display them in the Child object in the VIEWS, such as a table view.

You will not need to try to devise a method to “copy” the data over from Object 1 to Object 2 as a result. Here is the guide.

Hope this helps!

Hi, thanks steve. But it’s a requirement to copy/update it using the connected tables. I saw this document, but even in the VIEW it ends up displaying blank rows.

If the tables are related, just use a text formula field👍