Connection - how to select which input field from the connection?

I have a table with several columns (“Calendar”). It contains address, employee, date, etc. When I am connecting this to another table (“Payments”). When I make the connection, it defaults to the first column of the connection. Is there a way to change this to specify which field/column I want it to pull from?

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I could be wrong, but I believe what you’re looking for is the display field setting. You can learn about the display field here in this article: Table Settings
If you need to learn how to update the display field, here’s an article/guide for that: How to Update Your Table’s Settings

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Since connection fields will use the parent table’s display field, if you want to get data from other fields in the parent table, you will need to use a text formula, regular formula (sum, min, max. etc.), equation, or possibly a conditional rule/task.

Maybe this article can be of assistance to you:
How to Show Multiple Fields in Your Connection Dropdown

Also, @CarlHolmes 's reply in this thread may also be a solution you’re looking for: Connected record selection view - #4 by CarlHolmes
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