Add field values from a connected record?

I've searched the forum and there doesn't seem to be a way. Was wondering if anyone has found a solution yet.

When adding a new record, in addition to adding a connected field, I want to include additional fields from the same connected record.  So in my case, when adding a client to a group I run, (with a connection between groups and clients) I also want to add their phone number and email address.  Is there any way of doing this?

Another example: I have created a number of tables - a) Countries, b) Provinces (with a connection to Country), City (with a connection to Province) and Suburb (with a connection to City).  I run a groups which are located in various suburbs.  So ideally, when I add a new group, and select the suburb, I would like to pull in the data from the connections (City, Province, Country).  Any idea how?

add myself to the list wanting to know how this can be accomplished

Yes I too need this, it is essentially a lookup table