Automatically Creating a Connected Record

I would like to have a new record automatically created when a field in another connected required equals a certain value.


Example: In "Projects" Object I have a Yes/No field called "Permit Required?".  If "Yes" is selected I would like to create a new record in the Object I have called "Permitting" and have the Project Name equal the name of the project that was just created. 

Hm, working now, but not clear why

I have the same question:  I have records that are connected.

From the detailed page of Object 1, I want to another a Object 2 that is connected to Object 1.  When I create a new Record for Object 2, I want it to be connected to Object 1.


But I cannot.


I go into the Rules and expect to see the Connected value for Object 1.  But it's not there.

Hi Vince

I'm assuming here that you're trying to set the project to the value of the new project you're just added?

If this is the case, it is unnecessary - if the records are connected then the insert connected record action will connect the records and so you will have the related project in the Permitting Required record automatically.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Sunny. I'm getting stuck trying to name the Project. I want the value to equal the value of the Project Name



Hello Vince,

First open form and go to form rules then go to 

you find to insert a record in other object . You just need  to add a connection field in Permitting pointing to Projects table.



Sunny Singla