New Record FURTHER connected

When adding a NEW FORM we are presented with the option of adding connected records, or in this case, a new record FURTHER connected to the current in-context record.

Why can't we have that same support on Record Rules for submit forms. From a record rule today I can update THIS record, update CONNECTED record, or insert CONNECTED record. I would like to be able to insert a FURTHER CONNECTED record.

If I can do this manually in the building tool, then clearly the functionality exists within the building tool to support this in a Record Rule.

Agreed, this is a very needed feature. Right now the only way to achieve this is with Javascript

Yes, it would be great to have this option in the builder.
Right now, you can do it with some JS code, just after the first form submit, take the Record ID of the connected record, and take all the value fields that you need to generate the new record Further.

Would be a very usefull addition.