New Record FURTHER connected

When adding a NEW FORM we are presented with the option of adding connected records, or in this case, a new record FURTHER connected to the current in-context record.

Why can't we have that same support on Record Rules for submit forms. From a record rule today I can update THIS record, update CONNECTED record, or insert CONNECTED record. I would like to be able to insert a FURTHER CONNECTED record.

If I can do this manually in the building tool, then clearly the functionality exists within the building tool to support this in a Record Rule.

Agreed, this is a very needed feature. Right now the only way to achieve this is with Javascript

Yes, it would be great to have this option in the builder.
Right now, you can do it with some JS code, just after the first form submit, take the Record ID of the connected record, and take all the value fields that you need to generate the new record Further.

Would be a very usefull addition.

I agree totally.

Here is a scenario that I have before me:

Projects object
Invoice object
Time object


Projects [1:M] Time
Projects [1:M] Invoices

Employees enter time records which includes a project connection.
So far so good. Now we have a bunch of time records for various projects. So each Time record is connected to a Project.
Next, Accounting creates a new Invoice (which is connected to a Project connection). We are billing by Project, typically monthly, sometimes using another time period.
Accounting needs to update related time records for the month to each Project Invoice. IOW’s the new Invoices must now be made to connect to existing time records with a matching Project within a given data range.

I know how to do this in most any SQL RAD tool but not in Knack.

The interesting thing is, Knack actually allows you to see those records as shown here (and as described above by the original poster):

Those Time records are NOT linked to the Billing A Details (Invoice) object. They are linked to the Project object shown as “ACME One” in the detail (because the Billing A object is connected to the Project A object). If I can query records via the indirect connection, then logically, I should be able to update those same records. Ideally, I would be able to have a rule to allow me to connect those Time records to the Invoice (Billing A in this example).

I know you can do this through the API or Integromat. But I’m drawn to Knack exactly because it is a “no-code” tool. Otherwise, I can just use the code tools that I’m already more than a little familiar with.