Data Connections When Inserting Connected Records in Record Rules

I am not sure whether this is a feature request or a bug but I will describe what I am experiencing and what I would prefer to see.

When I submit a certain form that is "Add a new "XXX" connected to this record", from a record details page (for example a reply to a thread), I use that form submission to insert some new records in the background.

Staying in the forum analogy, if I added a reply, I would like to insert a new record in the background called let's say a "Reply notification" sent to the admin of the thread. I want this reply notification to connect to the thread directly.

The way record rules is set up, I am able to add this new record, but when I say set the thread to a certain value, the connection is not an option. I only have the option Reply > Thread > Thread Name.

I could set a short text field for the reply notification as the thread name but that would limit my ability to trace through the database my replies to their threads.

The workaround I have is to have the date set as a form option and set as default. Just under it I have the thread connection as a choice. Now this is not the ideal way because technically a user could choose a different thread that he is replying to! Knack normally excludes this field in a new record form from a details page for that very reason. I add it back and change the display rules to say that when date is not blank hide that field. Then I use the record rules to use the form value. Somehow even though the form value is blank it seems to work.

The feature I am looking for:
In record rules, when Inserting a New Record, I would like to connect directly to the record that is currently being connected to in the form.