Connected Records

I use Knack as a CRM for wedding photography clients. Each client has a portal, where they enter their wedding vendors into a form. Using a record rule, we insert a new connected record for each vendor in a separate object (called Vendors), which is then linked back to the client. However, we noticed a problem. When clients update their form and submit it several times, it is creating a new record for the same vendor again and again. For example, the Vendors object will have 4 identical records for the same florist, because a client happened to edit and submit their form 4 times (without actually changing the name of the florist - it just keeps creating a new connected record).

The current record rule says:
Insert a new connected record, when the field is not blank

Should it change it say “Update,” – but then, what happens if the client is submitting the form for the first time, and there is no record already for that vendor?

Hi @Dan - Try changing the operator to “has changed” rather “is not blank”.

Currently, every time the form is submitted and the field has something selected the rule will be true and it will insert a connected record.
If you change the operator to “has changed” it will only insert a new record when the value has changed, either from blank (null) to a value or the value has been updated.

Hopefully this is what you are trying to achieve.