Connected record fields in form emails

Ability to use the fields from connected records in emails (form, task).

I have a similar requirement where the data field that I need to display on the email is in a connected data object.  I cannot access that data field in the connected object.  This make Knack very inconsistent in the way it implements the system, where the fields in connected object can be accessed via the form, but not via the email.  Please do consider this a priority item to be addressed.  TQ.

I also am trying to use the connected email from the logged in user in the from field.

When a user sends a feature request, it would be nice to have the email come from the logged in user so that they can be replied to directly from the request email.

We have referral outcome object which I want to send notification emails for. The emails should go to the caseworker for the referral that the outcome links to. Here's a simplified model:


Because we can't access connected records, I can't send the following email when an outcome is added or edited:


To: {Referral.Caseworker.Email}

An outcome was added for {Referral.Client.Name}, please login to check whether any action is required.


This is impossible because email addresses for use in the to field can't just be accessed via text combos, as only email fields are selectable in the To/CC/BCC boxes.

Text combos can sometimes solve this issue, but they are a super hacky approach as in this case I would need to add a combo to the referral object which read from the caseworker email, then another in the referral outcome object which read from that combo on the referral object.

Please could you make it possible to traverse the connections in emails? all of these are going in the "to-one" direction, so there's no picking between or grouping multiple entities required.

I am trying to do something similar, where I have clicked into a view with a from from a table, and would like the user to not have to fill out data that i should "know" based on my location.  If they clicked on Job name and are in that table and adding a form just to add another employee i should not have to ask for the user to input the Job Name again.

Has this been inproved upon and I can’t see it.

I have a record that has a connection to a customer record (not a user record just a normal table with an email field in it) that has an email address contact. Since it is a connected field when constructing the email I can’t send to that email address, it seems you can only send to users.

Also in body in the email I would like to refer to these connected tables but they don’t come up in the fields dropdown options. How can I access fields in a connected table inside the email?

Current thoughts are you need to “copy” the fields up into the current table but that almost defeats the purpose behind relational databases if everything gets copied up.


In these types of use-cases I tend to use Integromat to send my emails - you can access data to include in the emails from anywhere in the Knack database (or outside it for that matter) and another advantage which is often needed is that you can then update Knack when the email has been sent (to avoid sending it multiple times for example).

I have written quite a few blog posts about using Integromat and Knack together (an amazing combination) here:


I cannot believe this isn’t possible! Please add this functionality Knack, I need it urgently!