Send database info out in email

We use Knack as a lead database. Leads coming from our website are currently entered manually (working on changing that). Once in the system the leads will be assigned with a field we call 'referred' and that shows a drop down list of our sales execs. I would like this to be the trigger for Knack to push an email notification out to that sales exec that includes the lead info (name, company, phone number and freehanded note).

Is there a way to do this?

Good advice Tony!

One of the ways I learned to use knack was by installing the templates then looking at how they worked. The CRM template would be a good one for this situation it would allow you to see how objects can be connected to users etc. Check this page out and click the install app button if it sounds like it contains relationships and workflows that would be useful to your purpose

Brad, I have, but the question is what that would allow me to do. On the form (source object I assume) itself we have the email address of the lead (that came in through a form on our website), so that's not useful. This leaves the 'connected object'.

Let's say our sales people are John, Paul and Mark and these are options for the 'referred to' field. When I pick Mark I want the lead info to go to Mark's email, when I pick John to John etc. So I guess somewhere I need to create an object that has the names of our sales people with their email address and also connect that object this form. A. how would I go about that and B. what would be my option then when I choose 'an email field'?

Have you tried changing the Recipient setting from Custom to 'An Email Field' as documented here

Hi Brad, I have read the instructions there, but they unfortunately do not address how I can tell the system to use the different email addresses for our 'referred to' sales people.

Hi Patrick,

From here you'll need to work through the existing support pages to see how to access the connected email field. Check out as a starting point for all emailing options, and for the form settings.

This got me a bit further (see attached image). I would want to send an email to the person the lead was referred to, so this means a different 'to' address based upon who is picked in the referred field. So Knack would need to know which email address to send the lead info to and the email addresses that go with those listed under 'Referred to'. Is there any way to do that?![](upload://hykUe6yRkudnLelvVHZoljAJMeh.jpeg)

Ah yeah you are new.. I recommend digging into the documentation. It won't take you long to get the hang of it. What you are looking at is the object view. The databases within your app. You are going to access the form view that is going to send the email from the pages tab you see there at the top. Click on the pages tab then create a form view and you will see the field im talking about.

Thank you for the quick feedback. I am pretty much new to Knack and do not see the left hand side menu that shows in your image. I am looking at this and you can see the 'referred' field there.![](upload://zUWJL74DPgvDejQqiZVn2OnRgNE.jpeg)

Sure since you are using a form to select the referred just edit the emails section of the form view![](upload://sZnXy55zwG8x8Neoxot5m2KOrW4.png)