Overcoming task errors when pulling data from connected records

Sometimes knack will have trouble pulling data from a connected object to insert into a task triggered email on a separate object. You might see something like:

Dear {Field 521},

And no one wants to be addressed as Field 521.

Here is a little workaround.

1. create a new field in the main object that the task triggers from  and name it FIELD NAME_TASK.

2. create a new task that inserts the desired field data into the FIELD NAME_TASK from the connected object at 12:01 am every night.

3. go back to the original task and make sure the trigger time is set to a time after 12:01 am.

4. reprogram your original task to use the FEILD NAME_TASK field in the email rather than the connected object's field.

5. Knack should populate the field with the correct information daily and by the time your task triggers it will have the correct information in it.


Hi Mark,

I'm working with two objects - Object#1 contains services that we provide and Object#2 is where the customer inputs their contact information and submits a charge to book that service.

Whilst I can display values from both connected objects in the checkout and completion pages, when it comes to setting up a custom email to send to the customer upon a successful charge - I can only display the values from Object#2.

So, all I am doing is sending the customer their own contact information which they provided. When ideally, I should be sending them the details of the service that they have booked and paid for. A booking confirmation.

I hope this makes sense, and if you know of any work-around or solutions that would resolve this, I would very much appreciate it.

Hi Mike,


What kind of thing do you see in the email that get sent out?





I don't know about that Justin, I am having similar problems myself.

I'm working with several objects, and whilst I can show all values from the connected records in the checkout/completion pages, for someone reason I can't show those connected values in the custom email that is sent after a charge is completed.



This workaround is obsolete. Knack is constantly making improvements to the platform and doesn't seem to have issues pulling connected object data into emails any longer.

Hmmm, I haven't run into this exact situation before, but I have seen the (object) text appear in a table before. I got around this by creating a text combo field and then just combining the fields I was interested in seeing and using the text combo field in the display instead...