Sending email to a connected record of a connected record


Has anyone been able to successfully send emails to address stored in a connected object to a connected object?

See this diagram. When I schedule an arbitration, I want to send the petitioners an email, but also the owner's connected to the petition. I haven't been able to get that done yet.

Thanks for any tips.




I'm trying to do the something similar or the same thing.  

I have an orders object, systems, object, a supervisors object, and a companies object.  I have them connected to each other.  Although, I want to send an email to the supervisors connected to the company and systems they are a part of.  

I can only send an email to all the supervisors in the entire company.  I want to be able to send an email to the supervisors the in the system the order is created in but only send them to the supervisors that are in the same company the order is for.  I have the company attached to the technician the order is created on.  

So how would I only send an email to the supervisors that are in the same company the technician is in and only in the system the supervisor is part of?


Holy hell, that is awesome. I danced all around the issue yesterday, tried every trick in the book. But didn't think to copy it over with a text formula. Yes, did need to set the conditional value of a 2nd field to the value of the text formula field.

Thanks, Tony. Made my day.

Definitely would like to see the Knack functionality improve there, but works for now.

Hi Tim,

Copy the email addresses down from the parent object to the child object by using Text Formulas.

In this case, you'll need a new Text Formula on the Petition object.  (During creation, scroll down the list to find the email address field on the Owners object.)

Email rules on Views or Tasks based upon the Arbitration object should see fields on the Petitions object.  However I suspect that Knack sees this new Text Formula field as a Text field rather than an email field.  So you also need to create an Email field on the Petitions object and add a Conditional rule so that Value is set "to a record value" of the new Text Formula field.

I realise that it isn't the neatest of ideas but hopeful it gets around the problem. Knack functionality could be better here.



Hi Tony,

Was trying to work through this solution for a similar problem I have.
The original posters image has dissappeared so I can’t see their connections.
The solution could solve my problem but doesn’t seem to work with Many to Many relations. or Where the child has many parents.

Not sure if anything has changed in 2 years where there might be another solution?

Currently, I have Order Lines that are connected to a Product, that Product is connected to a Department which is a many-to-many connection with Sales Users. What I was hoping for is when an Order Line is completed the sales staff responsible for that product would be emailed, but I can’t seem to work down the chain to get there.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi Adrian,
I can’t see how this would work with a many-to-many relationship.
…but what you could do is put a group email address into your product object and copy that down into your order lines object. Then (outside of Knack) assign all the sales staff to that group email address for the product. Obviously you’d need multiple group email addresses (potentially one per product) so it could get untidy.


My approach for this is to use Integromat to send the emails - when triggered by a record update or whatever, it can then read any required connected records (and records connected to connected records etc) and send to any email address wherever it is found. You also have the advantage that you can send your emails via your email account and they will be stored in your sent items.

Much the same could probably be done with Zapier but Integromat is a far more flexible tool and combined with Knack you have a huge amount of power!


The main problem is that you can’t write complex SQL queries for the Knack database. You basically get to go just one level down in connections.

If you want to do more than that, you effectively have to do the database joins in code.

Either in Javascript in Knack (which is pretty hardcore techie stuff, not following the “no-code” ethos and difficult to maintain effectively) … or by using some other no-code platform that integrates well with Knack.

My favourite for this is Integromat. If you want to read up on ways to use Integromat to extend Knack functionality, you could do worse than read Julian Kirkness’s excellent 3-part blog on the subject that starts here:

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Maybe to lower the fields, maybe conditional rules could look 1 connection down so values can be passed up easily. Currently, to get an email address moved up I need to create a text formula to ready the connected value and then an email field to be set to the text formula.

Thanks for the reply.

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