Action Field -> Send Custom Email to Connected User Role Email fields

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I’m trying to create a button (action link) that will send an email to users who have a certain user role. I’m able to send emails “to : [email field of connected object]” when I’m using a form view, but every time I use a table view with an action link or a details view, the emails bounce back to the from address with the following message:

= = = = > Returned to sender, no valid email recipient found. Please have your app administrator review the settings on this form

I believe that we whitelisted our email domain a few years ago. Any insight?


Tricky one to answer without seeing. :thinking:
Have you tried sending to a test email such as one of your own personal email accounts to eliminate message delivery issues?

Hi @CarlHolmes , Thanks for you response and yes, I’m still actually in the just testing phase. I think what I’ve been uncovering is that the connection to the actual email field is too many child levels down from where the view and page start. At least that’s what I’ve read that that can be an issue. I’m working on eliminating some of the filtered connection now to see it that helps (i.e. the X object connected to the Y field connected to the logged in user)

Hi @Lauren - thanks for your reply.
I know what you mean about it being too many levels down :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
You can often get around this by using a text formula field as a lookup and then an email field set with a conditional value to the text formula field.
It’ll obviously be better to have the table connected to the accounts object which may require you having to use a record rule on a form that adds a record to pull this through.
I appreciate that if you are just getting into Knack and in the testing evaluation phase this may not make a lot of sense.
Happy to connect with you and take a look to see if I can point you in the right direction / offer any advise or ideas.
I’m in the UK near London.
Feel free to contact me :


Interesting this textformula alternative Carl. I’ll try that in my use-case…

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When I send emails, I always use an email address that I created, in which I receive all sent emails. This way I can see the address knack used to send my email.
For each email I create, I put this address in bcc

Did you try in email rules the function View email delivery history,you can see what kind of problem there was while sending the email.

I had the same problem, the solution was simple, the related account you are sending the email to has no valid email address in the Knack record

Remember the email address you send it to is not your email address.

So in a CRM for example use send to the related field but not the login field

Hope this helps