Custom Email Option - Use Email Field for Sender

The "Send Custom Email" option on "Tasks" and "Submit Rules" needs an "email field" option for the "sender". I want the emails to automatically go to senders that are controlling the app that I made. I do not want to be forced to be put in one email address because it will not be connected to the specific company controlling the app. Also, I want certain emails to go to certain senders.

It would be great if the "sender" email field could have a connection to a drop down to specific users in addition to user roles.

I would also like to be able to send an email confirmation to the user that entered the data without creating a bunch of rules to do so.


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Yes, we also have a need to select an email field when specifying the From Email in Page Email Rules and Tasks. I have received multiple requests from our venue customers to be able to specify a From Email from their venue email address, i.e.

Currently, because of the hard coding requirement, many of our outbound emails have a From Email of This causes some confusion for our venue customer clients, who are familiar with the venue name but not Event Booking Engines.

Our venue customers would strongly prefer the From Email to be from their email address. Ideally they would like it to be the Sales Rep Email field, which we could easily set if you allowed us to do that. So the key issue is to allow the From Email to be set to an email data field for all pages which send emails and all tasks which automatically send emails.

I originally reported this issue a few years ago. Can you please request an expedite on this new feature from your Dev Team?

This one is tricky - the main concern here is email spoofing. Opening up that from email field to be dynamic creates an opportunity for abuse. That doesn’t mean this isn’t a valid request that can’t be solved in some way! - just wanted to let you know why this is seemingly simple update from a technical perspective has never been implemented.

Thanks for bringing this up again for consideration and sharing a clear real world example.