Personalized email link using email address field in custom outbound email

I am attempting to add a link to a confirmation email that will allow a logged in user to view all of their requests. To do this I have created a page with a grid view (no user filtering or downloading ability) and planned on passing the appropriate filtering criteria to filter via the URL embedded in the email. The URL variables would filter the grid on the page to display only those records associated with that user’s email address. I have created the URL link, encoded it and it works when I test it by “hard-coding” an email address but it does not work using the {Email Address} dynamic field in the custom email. Here is an example of the encoded URL that works with the hard-coded email:


the decoded version of the URL:
{“match”:“and”,“rules”:[{“field":“field_325”,“operator”:“contains”,“value”:"”,“field_name”:“Email Address”}]}

Here is what I have built within the custom email that is not working:
…{%22match%22:%22and%22,%22rules%22:[{%22field%22:%22field_325%22,%22operator%22:%22contains%22,%22value%22:%22{Email Address}%22,%22field_name%22:%22Email%20Address%22}]}

Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? Is this even possible?

Thank in advance!!!