Pulling in an Email Field

Good Morning!

I am a Knack noob who has just moved over from Airtable. I am building a registration system for our virtual school and I am trying to create notifications for the students’ guidance counselors based on the student selecting their school counselor. I have a connected table with guidance counselor information. I created a concatenated text formula field that allows the students to pick their guidance counselor (the display field) and that choice will have the email address mixed in. How can I either A) have the student select their counselor and the email address automatically gets pulled into an email field within that record (bypassing the need for the concatenation), OR B) How can I split the concatenated field so only the email address is displayed for the notifications. I feel as though there should be a way for the students to select their counselor and that will automatically populate a counselor email field, but I do not know how to do this yet. Thank you so much in advance. I and our 70K+ students thank you! Have a great one!


Hi, Dan!

Thank you for sharing! We would love to assist you on configuring your goal in your registrations system app! Please keep an eye out in your inbox here where I will share next steps with you.

Happy Knacking and have a great week! :slight_smile: