Update non-connected records?

How would I do this:
Projects object
Invoice object
Time object

Employees enter time records which includes a project connection.
So far so good. Now we have a bunch of time records for various projects.
Accounting creates a new Invoice which includes a project connection. We are billing by Project, typically monthly, sometimes using another time period.
Accounting needs to update related time records for the month to a particular Project invoice. IOW’s the Invoice must now be made to connect to time records with a matching Project within a given data range.

I know how to do this in most any SQL RAD tool but not in Knack.

Any hints or ideas on how to handle this in Knack?


If it can’t be done directly in Knack then I would use Integromat do do the updates - take a look at some of my Knack / Integromat posts:

Especially the ones about Programming Knack with Integromat.

Funny! I was just doing that.


You can create a view with the appropriate filters and then use a service like Formstack (previously we merge) to create and send the invoices. I run an application that records time sheets for different clients staff and then creates the invoices for the month and sends them as pdf via email (Formstack)