How can I store a list of Date+Values?

I’m trying to move an internal excel “app” to Knack. For each record, I need to store a payment schedule: a list of dates plus an associated payment.

So for example I might have a table “Vendor Orders” with a “Vendor A” record in which I need to say that they are getting paid $10K in June, $15K in Sept, and $3k in Dec.

How can I implement this workflow in Knack? It seems like the only way would be to create a “PaymentCalendar” object which has a (one-to-many) Connection to the associated “Vendor Orders” record. While this would do what I need it seems incredibly time consuming and decouples the fields to an uncomfortable degree.

Help figuring this out would be appreciated.

You answered your own question. That is exactly how to achieve it. Why do you feel using connected records is uncomfortable?