Multiple Day Bookings

Hello all.!

As some of you might recall, we are a Catering business in the UK.

We have a very successful implementation of Knack dealing with our order management. One question that keeps cropping up is multiple day events. At present we get the client to book each day individually which works fine in production, but is labourious for the client. However as they are usually booked under one purchase order number, we then have to manually join them together (currently in a csv) before they can go off to Quickbooks for invoicing.

So what we’d like to do is to create a ‘header record’, enter day one, then ‘add a day’, populating another record with the same details but a +1 date, with the option to edit the second record. I was hoping I might get away with this in ‘actions’, but of course I realised that I cant create a record in the same table, just a connected table.

Has anyone done a ‘Day +1’ record generation like this. I didn’t want to end up with a ton of JS, as we wouldn’t be able to maintain it. Let me know if you have.


Hi @NeilParkin60970

You can create a record for the same table/object if you connect the object to itself. We have done this a lot to auto generate records in the same object.

If you need more help with this, I can go into more detail or look here:


Thanks for reminding me about this Craig. I totally forgot we could do that.