Calendar event with repeating records can't individually book

The record that are created that are repeating in the dates and time field from a calendar only shows up as one record in the database. therefore when trying to book events with each record, it would book the entirety of repeating events.

Correct, the repeat only shows it graphically in the calendar. It doesn’t create individual records. If you need to have individual records for each available booking these will either have to be created manually or done using Make, or similar.

I created a hotdesk booking system (a couple of years ago), for a client, that provides a one hour slot for each working day for about a dozen desk positions. Employees can book a slot for a working hour and then I remove it from the calendar as available as each slot is one record.

Every Sunday evening I have a Make scenario create new records for each of the one hour slots for each desk position. There is also another scenario that deletes all the unused slots for the previous week so we don’t end up with unused records in the database.

It would be magical if Knack allowed the option of creating the repeating records based on a date field, but not at the moment.

I don’t use the repeat function for this reason. I’ll often hide it with code so that users can’t select it.

I’m sure there is a valid reason to use the repeat option but I’ve not found one yet. As you state, you’ll only be editing the same record if you select a repeating date.