Repeated events being completely ignored

I know repeated events in calendar are kind of broken, but it seems that they are not even considered for calculations or filters?
What I mean is that one of my user put a task in her calendar as a recurring event, and it appears fine in the calendar every week, but if I ask Knack “How many times did this task happened during this week”, Knack answers 0. Even in the back end, if I use filters to look for this task during this week, nothing shows up.

Am I missing something? Or are recurring events just that broken? :-/

Unfortunately recurring events only show in the calendar they do not create additional records which is what you would need to roll up a count of them.
Personally I never use the repeat function and disable it.

I still can’t comprehend why this basic mechanic is so broken. I think I’ll try to tomandjerryrig something with creating additional records automatically when a repeating task form is submitted.

I have had discussions with the new product team (@Kara) about repeating events and that, in my opinion, you should have the option for the repeat to create records. This would need to have some rules / limitations as it could be very easy to have a repeat set “forever” and go over your plan record limit very easily. Plus this would put a load on the system creating the records. :thinking:
At the moment I just use Make :+1:


Unfortunately, the repeating/recurring events also has a bug/s and doesn’t always copy/create the recurring events accurately. That said, Knack is powerful and flexible enough that we were able to create our own recurring events accurately recording events such as the 1st Monday, 2nd Sunday of the month, and just use the calendar to visualize the scheduling, and nothing else. Ours currently, is very basic system and just copies the recurring task upon completion to its next instance. For better forward planning you could create more instances but this would add to the complexity.

We are able to filter our tasks and see all tasks scheduled and/or completed in the current month for example and no doubt could probably count the instances like you’re after.


We have scheduled tasks object which we connect to itself then have tasks recreate them once a week/month/quarter/year depending on the frequency of the task.