Show Repeat Events in Calendar View

Currently, when I use a filter in the calendar view, only the initial date of a recurring or "repeat event" displays. This is problematic for me for a whole slew of reasons, but mainly because it negates some key functionality of using a centralized calendar to link to/launch other forms. Viewing iterations of an event is critical, even when a filter is employed. I truly hope this is a feature you can add or provide some form of an easy work-around.

404838294471 I have a solution for most (perhaps not all) of your challenges around recurring calendar entries. Contact me directly and I can point you in the right direction.



Tony O'Brien

Need this option too.  I have repeating jobs that need to be filtered out on the day of the repeat and assigned to a driver to complete with options to update status of job and include details like litres and tracking forms etc.  Also need to view a history of each job and the date carried out.

Did anyone find a solution for this? 
I've managed to get something created with Zapier but it is far ideal. 

I have a similar issue.  I want to schedule maintenance on a recurring basis.  I want to set a job to recur on a biweekly basis. I set the initial date, then set it to recur.  Each Sunday evening I want a task to run that looks at the upcoming week and creates a work order for the jobs that appear in the upcoming week.  The task that runs on Sunday will only find the initial date of the recurring job.  It will not find any of the recurring job dates that show up in the calendar.