Calendar bug - displaying duplicate entries, in my case


Because of bugs/quirks/limitations with the calendar and how I like to operate I’ve created my own recurring schedule, and then thought I could use the calendar to visualize the workload but have now struck another bug.

My recurring schedule uses a scheduled date and then calculates the next scheduled date based on the frequency/cycle and the day of the week. When the Job has been completed and marked as completed that record is then copied as a new record with the next scheduled date becoming the new scheduled date.

For some reason, even though I’m using the Scheduled Date field the calendar duplicates the entries as per the attached example and I can only guess it is because the Next Scheduled Date value is copied to the Scheduled Date.

Does anyone know how I can “filter”/hide the duplicate entries? I can as a workaround use the Next Scheduled Date which removes the duplication issue but the trade-off is that is won’t ever display the very 1st entry.