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How do I delete a calendar entry?

Repeat events don’t work for me. I have an event set to repeat each Friday from 7am to 8am. I set it to repeat 50 times beginning this past May 6th. It only repeats within the month of May only. Even if I unclick “repeat” and submit it, it doesn’t remove the repeated events. Nor can I change the repeats using any of the other settings. Is this a known bug(s)?

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Sounds like it could be a bug. Recommend raising a ticket to support.

We’ve found the Calendar to be “quirky” and “buggy”. We have an unresolved issue with Support where if we marked an instance of a recurring event as completed it would then change the next recurrence from day of the month to date of the month. Editing, from memory, doesn’t always deliver the results one might expect either.

If you’re trying to remove unwanted entries, into the future, from the calendar then we managed to achieve this using an Active/Inactive flag and marking then the recurring event as Inactive, and then setting the Source to only display Active events. It still left the historical events in place.

Okay, thanks. I’ll send them a note.

Hi Peter, I have experienced and reported the same bug. The helpdesk told me they hadn’t seen this bug before so they couldn’t really help me.

“the issue with the calendar events that are recurring but do not carry forward to following months is being reviewed. Since this can only be observed in your particular environment, can you confirm you still have the calendars available and have not deleted or made changes? Or have the examples you previously shared.”

After a lot of back and forth they created an app in a different environment and copied that app to my workspace, and that app did not display the strange behavior with repeating events. Perhaps the same solution could work for you?

Ok, thanks Knack1. We’ll see what they say.

I built a brand new test app with a single object and a calendar. Repeating events only work within a given month. Totally buggy.

Peter - we were upgraded overnight and the calendar is now doing the same for us, where it was working well before the upgrade. The vast majority of our recurring/repeating events are now not displaying in the calendar.

Have reported this to support along with other issues since the upgrade.

Hi Peter, you can’t create the app yourself, it seems to have something to do with the account you (and I) are working in. The knack helpdesk created an app and copied it to my account. This is the one that is working now. So I just duplicate this app whenever I have to create a new app. Not ideal but better than nothing.

Hi Peter
There are certainly many bugs with the calendar since upgrade especially repeat events not displaying in forward calendar events.
However in your case have you tried going into the front end of the app and clicking on the calendar entry to edit it.
Like outlook you get a pop up appear asking if you want to edit just that entry or future entries. Selecting all should update all future ones too.

We are currently trying to work with Full Calendar to get around this bug whilst knack work on a solution but this takes a bit of coding to get right although it’s working for some of our apps.

Hi Paul,

I just did a couple of simple tests - and now it seems to work so they must have fixed it. When I have time I’ll try running some more tests to see if it is working properly all around.

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Knack sent me an email acknowledging that this has been fixed.
It does seem to be working properly now.

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