Multiple source for a calendar

It could be very nice to make a calendar who can combine the data from multiple form. We can do a complete « agenda»

I'm affraid Stevan solution wont work with equation fields as knack can not insert a connected record when the field is an equation...


Not sure I got it correctly, but you can achieve this by building a "date" table object  linked to multiple other objects containing dates you would like to display in a single calendar.

It is then  only then a matter of creating a few form rules > record rules > insert a connnected record for each form so the table is updated on each form submission.

You can then create a calendar based on the "date" object and it will display them all.






I REALLY could use that as well!

Any update on this? Any timeframe when it will be supported? My project is blocked due to this. :-(

Also a must have for scheduling. Excellent idea. Multiple calendars just make things hectic.

100% need this

This would be a super feature