Show Multiple dates from one Object in Calendar

My question is as given in the Title. Is there any way, to show different dates from the same object in the calendar. Until now, the only way was to add a calendar for every date. I got more than 15 Date in one of my Objects and I need like 5 of them to show in a Calendar. Someone got an Idea? I don't think there is any other Option than using JS, so can this maybe be also a future Request?

Nevermind, Support already told me, that until now it's not possible. For everyone seeing this Topic and hoping to find something. The only Way to have a "better calendar" is by integrating Zapier (for free) and fusing your google calendar with knack. There are many tuts out there how to do it.

No sorry I explained it really bad. I mean that i want to have the possibility to display different datefields in ONE Calendar, but somehow I couldn't find a Solution.

Hi Lorenz -

Please do send in a note on this to so we can best help you with your workflow!

But, if I'm understanding your needs correctly here, you'd need to add "Event" records for each of your dates that you want to show in your calendar view.

Or if the event repeats on a regular schedule, you can enable the "Calendar Options" on your date/time field that is used in the calendar, and only have one "Event" record with multiple dates.

If you go the route that each date is an individual Event record, and you only need 5 of those 15 Event records to show in your calendar view, you could add Data Source filters or other view filters to restrict which records are displayed in the Live App.