Display all date fields for an object in a Calendar view

Currently you can only choose one date when displaying a list of Objects in calendar view. This request is to allow all or provide a way to display more than date field within a calendar view.

Allowing this opens up the ability to see things like a creation date, start date and completion dates for an object just as an example. This is nice for more complex objects like tracking a project. A project would have a creation date, last updated date, target start date, target completion date, actual start date, actual completion date. Seeing this today is not possible.

Even if the first step to this was for only viewing a single object that would be helpful from my vantage point.

This is a good way to display more data, but there needs to be a way to select duration, an end date, or something like that in order to be able to use it for true calendar and project management moving forward,

You can create a combo box with the date and  description that you need, for example, date and user make a new combined field in the table "date_of_deliver + user" and that field is selected as "field-label" in the form. This is the form in action.