Multiple source objects in one calendar

I would like to show multiple source objects in a single calendar (not one calendar per object type). Does anyone know how to achieve this?

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hey @Pieter - It can only be a achieved with custom code. I’d recommend reaching out to either Sunny @Sunny_Singla or Ian @KnackPros who I’m sure will be able to complete this for you at a fee.

Sunny did this for me a couple of years ago showing both “start date” and “end date” fields on the same calendar.

Hi @Pieter ,
There is a post that is meant to provide Knack Devs with a central place for all of the Calendar View/Date-Time improvements. Agreed that there’s some major gaps in the functionality.

Your request is something that is very needed feature. Can you please vote up this post, and provide a comment for your feature request: Calendars and Date-Time Fields - All Improvements List