Calendars and Date-Time Fields - All Improvements List

Hello, here’s my non-complete list for improvements I’d like to see in the Date/Time and Calendar Views. I feel like these should be written together, since they rely on each other for functionality.

Time-based viewing and control over records is the backbone of many apps. My goal of this post is to hopefully make a central place for Knack Dev’s to look when they decide to update these functions.

Feel free to comment and add to my list so that you can request your own needed functionality:

Date/Time Field:
• Limitation - End Date is not exposed for filtering or date formatting w/ an equation, therefore you cannot properly filter time-based records. I KNOW there are work-arounds to this. The work around involves many extra fields and conditional statements. (@Sunny_Singla is a great reference for this)
• Views Limitation - Custom filter menus in views don’t allow for multiple filter criteria for each button, meaning the user cannot properly filter by pre-defined criteria. (ex: cannot filter by events for This Week, This Month, etc, since multi-day events will require multiple filter criteria based on start date/end date) This may not be a limitation of the Date/Time field, but it’s very closely related to it’s functionality.
• Limitation - Repeating events do not show in any time-based filters (except the start date)
• Limitation - Repeating events do not expose the ending date of the repeated event. (for example, if you set an event to repeat for the next 3 Wednesdays, date of the 3rd and final Wednesday is not exposed) I know you cannot provide an end-date to a forever-repeating record, but I’m hoping somebody smarter than me has an answer to making these events show up when they should be active in a filter :slight_smile:

Calendar Views:
• Limitation - Built-in forms do not allow any rules (Page, record, display, submit rules). It may be better to allow the calendar to reference regular form-views for Adding events, so all the native functionality is there. (for EDIT forms within a calendar, you already can reference a standard form-view, you just need to add it as a button to an existing page in the built-in details page)
• Limitation - List view provides no customization…you’re kinda stuck with what’s there. It would be great to customize the list view more - perhaps with functionality of the native “List View”, where you can add fields, actions, etc.
• Bug - List view – Multi-day records with start dates that are ‘not’ within the month/week/day you select do not show. So if you have an event starting yesterday, and ending tomorrow, it will not show in your “Day” list of events. This bug has been reported through the chat.
• Wishlist – Allow events to be colored by different users or user groups.
• Wishlist – layered user calendars. Like Google calendar, it’d be great to have checkboxes for different user calendars to show/hide their event on the calendar, with multiple calendars allowed to be selected at once.

I’ve worked with Knack for years now, and I 100% love the software and recommend it to everyone I meet. I know nothing is perfect, but because of these limitations I’m constantly searching other apps to find better time-based functionality.

Thanks to the Knack Devs and thanks for the community for adding any notes to mine!

Request - It would be very useful if knack could send calendar requests so that it integrates with google/outlook for people to effectively link events from knack into their usual calendars.

Example use case - Our app has a heap of functionality for managing teams, including meeting agenda, actions, minutes, reports etc. It would be awesome if people could email the agenda from knack with a calendar invite for the meeting time. Currently putting the meeting into team member’s calendars has to be done manually outside of the app.