More options for calendar view

I am looking at planning concerts for a weekend music festival with Knack. I have two major calendar objects; concerts and logistics. Unfortunately, it's a bit problematic to show late night concerts and night trips to the airport in the calendar. Calendar features that would make at least my planning easier:

  • Increased range for time frame selection (e.g. between 21:00 the day before and 03:00 the day after)

  • Force calendar view to start on a specific day (solved with a URL at the moment - no hurry)

  • Custom length for calendar items set per record (i.e. start time + end time) - currently, all my activities are shown as 2 hours long

...and of course multiple objects in the same calendar so that I can build an automatic itinerary for each band, but that's covered elsewhere.. :)

Sorry, my response was unclear! The three requests you re-outlined are not available at this time. Thanks for clarifying these again for us.

Hi Laura,

Thank you for the update. I tried looking for these options, but I can't see that there has been any new functionality implemented in accordance with my requests:

  1. Start and end times into previous/next day (for events spanning beyond midnight, but still belonging to the preceeding day, like a Friday night concert lineup with 4 1-hour concerts from 22:00 to 02:00)
  2. Editing a view to show a specific start date, like 20 Apr 2017
  3. Custom day interval, like Thursday-Sunday instead of 1-day or 1-week only.

Could you please clarify if any of these have been implemented?

A couple of your requests are now available! Under the Calendar views settings you can update your calendar's start and end times, along with editing the day of the week the calendar starts on. We'll keep your other suggestions open!

...nevermind pt. 3 - finally found the end time option.. :)

But it would have been nice to select custom timeframe for a calendar view as well, e.g. 3 days. For those of us planning weekends only..