Create a Record for Each Day of a Multi-Day Event

We are an entertainment company that hosts hundreds of events, mostly single- and two-day events, but some three and as long as twelve.

I use knack to track our event information and planning progress.

I set up Recaps for every event (all from fields added to the same EVENT object), but now I realize that this won't do because I need a Recap for each day of a multi-day event.

How would I go about doing this? Any ideas?

I'm pretty sure I have to create a new Recaps object and link it to the event. But how would I create a new record in that Recaps object for each day of any event created?

Thinking I could do it manually, with a new form that would essentially add a RECAP connected to any event. The user would just have to specify the date him/herself. That will work. Sadly, it would mean undoing a lot of work I already did, but this won't be the first time.