Record Rules within Add Event to Calendar form

As a live app user, I want to be able to add an event to a calendar and have it trigger record rules, so that I can notify other users that an event has been added.

User Scenario: Event is added via calendar view, email notifications are sent that a new event is on the calendar.

This is very needed. 

This is needed so badly! Basically the great function on clicking on the Calendar to schedule something is useless in a multi user shared environment as you cant populate the shared user. We record rules for calendar events.

We are in dire need of this, c'mon knack we were all excited about the constant updates but there seems to be a hold up lately

I need record/rules functionality for Add Event form too!

I need record/rules functionality for Add Event form too!


HI ,
i want to add stripe payment gateway with knackhq.Any way to do that.


Would love record rules on add to calendar (it uses a table) so we could update connections

Maybe use the new popup option for forms to enable all the record, email and submit rules needed for this to work?  That is, instead of the self-contained 'Add New Record' form within the calendar.

Ideally the calendar page shouldn't refresh, so the user is returned to the day/week/month being viewed prior to adding a new entry as well.

I would also need these options

Submit Rules are the ones that I need so that a successfully submitted entry redirects user to back to Calendar page.