Updating Connected Records on a Schedule

Hi there,

I submit a form and this form then sends a record via API and then comes back with an answer that it deposits into another knack field. That’s all fine and working.

Is there a way that I can update a connected record, which is associated with the answer field after a set period of time? If I attempt to update the connected field on form submission it will update the field with emptyness because the API has not returned the data.

I could use a status process (multiple choice) to mark the record as processing to then have this appear in a grid view where I can see that the record needs a second update, but I wondered if there was any other delayed automation I could use?


Thanks for posting! Knack does not have a native “delayed record update” feature, but this is very interesting and I would love to find a way to make this work for you.

I think the best way of doing this from within Knack would be to use a grid view, like you said, of all the records with that status process with an action link to update the record.

I am sure that our wonderful community can think of some other ways to get this done for you! Good luck, and please reach out if you need any other help.

Thanks for that comment Ally.

In fact I did that, on the form submit I set a status on the record to SENT TO API, and then in a grid view underneath I include the form details and a cropped version of the API response and an action button that will update a connected record and set the status to “Attached to project”. It’s not perfect automation, but it’s pretty close :slight_smile:

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